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Lighter Side of Special Education

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For those humor challenged individuals who may be unable to appreciate my comedic brilliance, I have prepared a primer to help explain the humor in a few of the underlying concepts in my work.

Premise No. 1

"All parents are perfect." 

This is humorous because it is, of course, an exaggeration. 
All parents are not perfect, though I myself have never
 personally met any imperfect ones.

Premise No. 2

"All school districts are lousy and never comply with IDEA." 

This too is an exaggeration. Not all school districts are lousy. 
However, I'm still trying to figure out why the second half 
of that sentence is funny. (A joke. Haha)

Premise No. 3

"Disabilities can be a funny topic, and individuals with disabilities
 can be humorous." This is actually not funny, and anyone who
 thinks so is a bad person.

Premise No. 4

"All lawyers should be shot."

That is funny because … wait a minute. I think someone else has already said this and I'm pretty
 sure they weren't kidding.(Again, a joke).

​     ************************************************************************************************

Well, there you have it. I hope this adequately explains to the humor handicapped
how humor works. In my next piece, I will add little smiley faces to the funny
parts as a cue to those who need them.

Please send all complaints to aimeegilman@yourjokesarentfunny.haha

One of the things I find most amusing about being both a parent and an attorney for families is the IEP process. When you appear
for the meeting, you will again be reminded of the peripheral nature of your participation when you discover that the school has
rented a small baseball stadium to accommodate all the members of your child's team. Read more...

There are 2 kinds of parents of disabled children: moms and dads. There is a very important distinction between these types and
one could never be confused with the other.

Several years ago, I must have sustained a major head injury (so bad I can't remember it) because I suddenly came home one
day and told my husband I wanted to open my own law practice. Read more..

Special ed mediations must always occur at the district board of education office so that parents and their advocates are the
only ones inconvenienced (and intimidated) by the location. Initially, the parties convene in one room, then separate into two
rooms because by the time mediation is necessary, they can no longer stand the sight of each other. Read more...

I love filing requests for hearing because they invariably produce the same response every time - that is, the district is
befuddled.

Everyone who completes the survey will be rewarded with a thirty day supply of Ritalin, and a complimentary copy of
"Fruitful IEPs – How to Become the Raspberry Seed in Your School District's Tooth," by "Litigious" Lola Hockenachinek. Thank
you for your participation.

Have you ever devoted any thought to the origins of disabilities? No, you haven't, and neither have I. That's why I am writing
this important article without having done any research whatsoever. You want research, you have to pay for it. For free, I
make it up as I go along. Even so, understanding history is critical not only to our future, but to our children's future. Don't ask
me why. I'm still working on that. Read more..

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