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Updated 9.5.18

Kerry and Aimee have presented to parent and professional groups on a variety of topics all over the State of Ohio. They are available to present these programs for your parent and/or professional group/organization upon request.

The following is a list of topics that are frequently requested but a training session can be tailored to meet your needs.

    1. Understanding and Implementing Your Special Education Rights  
    2. Special Education Law & 2004 IDEA Reauthorization: Practical Implications
    3. Developing Appropriate IEP's & Positive Behavioral Intervention Plans
    4. IEP's – An Interactive Training
    5. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Child's IEP (But were afraid to ask)
    6. Dispute Resolution Under IDEA
    7. De-mystifying the Due Process Hearing
    8. IDEA and the Privately Placed Private School Child
    9. Effective Communication: How to Make Yourself Heard
  10. How to Be a Good Special Education Advocate
  11. Discipline Under IDEA
  12. Legal Issues Related to Provision of Educational Services for People with Autism         Spectrum Disorders
  13. Understanding the Student to LD: Evaluation, Programming & Inclusion
  14. Transitions Under IDEA
  15. Transitioning the Child with Asperger's Syndrome
​  16. Section 504 and the IDEA
  17. Disability Rights and Section 1983 claims